Royal Rapier Tournament of Renown


The Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog invites you to....


The Royal Rapier Tournament of Renown


Saturday February 10th, 2018 9am - 8pm
Shakespeare Optimist Hall
3976 Galt Street, Shakespeare ON

The sound of steel on steel, the whoosh of naked blades through the air...

By the decree of Their Royal Majesties, Edward III and Rylyn III, a greate Tournament of Renown is coming! They would call all those skilled with the rapier, daggers, and swords of all kinds to bring along their weapons of choice. Come out and test your skills against the best fencers in the Kingdom. Let all good gentles skilled in the ancient and honourable Arte of Defence make haste to win glory and renown!

Site Fees:

Adult: $20.00
Adult Member Discount: $15.00
Youth (11-17 Years of Age): $5.00
Children (10 Years of Age or less): Free!

All-day Dayboard is included with your site fee!

Rapier Tournament of Renown:

Marshall-in-Charge: Mistress Eyrny Omarsdottir

We shall have a series of 8 different competitions, in a variety of styles, designed to test even the best of our combatants. Each competition shall produce 1 victor, for a total of 8. Those 8 champions will then advance to a single elimination, head to head playoff round, to determine The Champion fencer for Our reign. If someone should be victorious in more than one of the preliminary rounds, they will have the honour to choose another fencer to fill their additional spot in the elimination round. We look forward to seeing some excellent bouts.


Head Cook: Baroness Margaret of the Erainn
Feast Cost: $15.00
  • Assorted Brædes with flavoured butters 
  • A Spreade of Appetizers 
  • A Pottage of Winter Soup 
  • Porc skewered with Fruit 
  • Chikkens stuffed with Fruits, Herben, and Bræds
  • Minted Peas with Herb-Roasted Potatoes
  • Poached Peares in Crème anglaise and other delights.

Reservations can be made with Lord Dietrich von Sachsen (

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